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Arabian Nights for Men 1

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Arabian Nights by Jesus Del Pozo is dedicated to the ancient Arab culture and art inspired by magic and mysticism of the "1001 nights" tales. This masculine fragrance reminiscents of the hot desert nights, intended for proud men with a keen sense of beauty and uniqueness.The creator was fascinated by the simplicity of materials from which lavish palaces are constructed, artistic ornaments that decorate the Arab carpets, vivid colors of women's clothing and decorative carving, calligraphy and geometry, turning that inspiration into a new men's fragrance.


Arabian Nights is an oriental wood composition based on notes of oud and amber. It opens with rustic rose and thyme. The heart carries a mystery of cedar, sandalwood, guaiac wood, patchouli, vetiver and saffron. The base is oriental with oud, labdanum, amber and musk.